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The Three Robbers 


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 Some part of my body tried to escape from my control, they wanted to go somewhere else far, somewhere nicer than me. All those beer bottles were growing big, I was the smallest creature have ever existed. When I closed my eyes I saw sounds, they all ripened into colours and images. Your sentences turned into sky, his sentences sometimes appeared as cat.

The music threw me into ocean, the wind came from outside drawn me down, cold and warm.

I was still, the space, the time, my life are all still. Only the music was changing, the colours. There're green, red, a huge blue, black, grey, white and all the kinds.

The animals came too close to me, they tried to be as still as I am, but they had to jump away because my thoughts were burning their fur. The insects was flying near me too, they assumed that I'm a light ball, and then I'm not. The colours covered me layer by layer, most beautiful silk you can ever imagine, wrapped around my naked body and naked soul. So violent but gentle. There was something inside me, maybe fire or a lemon, I couldn't tell. I coughed, so maybe it would crawl out. And then I thought if it would leave me, I would be all alone. So I swallowed it.
I laughed, laughed for things I did't understand but hit my mind, for those amusing things.

I heard you talking, your words were rain drops, converged into river,

I'm a paper boat floating on it, a paper boat melting in it.

Photo and text: Shih Ying Chu

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