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游移不定   yóu yí bù dìng 


游移不定 ( yóu yí bù dìng) is a chinese idiom lost in translation. It represents a mind state or a feeling which is wobbling between things and hesitating in choice.

Through my personal out look on relationships there are only two extreme states:

extreme intimacy and isolation.

My work explores the positive and negative vacillations in between.


Stage one

textile, thread, glass bead, leather, sterling silver

_BIP8619 2 copia.jpg

Stage two

polymer clay, elastic thread, thread, leather, sterling silver

_BIP7424 copia 2.jpg
_BIP8018 3.jpg

Stage three

beechwood, magnet, shibuichi, leather, sterling silver

_BIP8190 3.jpg

Stage four

polymer clay, thread, leather, sterling silver

_BIP8141 2-Modifica-Modifica.jpg

You understand it would be a self-destruction loop, you comprehend that you are not a complete person, you are incapable to love and been loved.
But your innocence and your desire urge you to seek love desperately, again and again.

Foto: Piero Aricò
Model: Roberto Marrandi, Caio Vieira, Mirko Balducci, Shih Ying Chu

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