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“Once upon a time..." I remember those nights when you talked me to sleep. These words were the most powerful incantations. They banish reality and open the door to wildest dreams.

As the powerful wind blows, we travel to the east of the sun west of the moon. March into Troll’s castle to rescue the prince that was cursed into a white bear. Running through the mountain in Taiwan with the white deer, leading the Thau tribe to the glamorous Sun Moon Lake. Diving in between the corals with a girl my age, looking for her ill grandmother's cure with the help of a manta ray. On the land of Eritrea, playing hide and seek with the rabbit and the fox till dawn arrives. Staying awake with the brave little owl in the Nigerian jungle, keeping his companions safe from poachers. In the foothills of Iran, riding a snow leopard towards the moon at full speed, seeking love at any cost. And of course, we never forget to seek out the tiny magical mosses that grant wishes to those with a kind heart.


Fox and rabbit

Sterling silver, talcum, mirror


Snow leopard and moon

Sterling silver, fine silver, stainless steel

_MG_3515 copy.jpg
_MG_3493 copy.jpg

East of sun west of moon

Sterling silver, porcelain, mirror


White deer

Sterling silver, log


Owl and night hunt

Sterling silver

_MG_3579 copy.jpg

Manta ray
Sterling silver, porcelain, talcum


Sterling silver, talcum


Photo: Piera YingChu Shih

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